In Italy there are about 12 million residential buildings and 28 million total residences. The majority of them are build after the world war II and are the result of the after war Italian economic boom.  Only a minor percentage are considered by the national catdastre as Class A1 (historical) or are classified by any other specific architectural value.

There is no census relative to architectural residential properties and our approach is to work in this direction with the aim to render a service to anybody searching for Architecture. Our goal is to identify and catalogue any property that represent an architectural expression of the past and the present, and will therefore be significant for the future.

We research significant and top of the line architecture that contribute not only to the overall quality and value of the property, but even to the landscape and environment of which it’s an integral part.

All of the property searched, selected and listed are considered to be of significant architectonical value. The Merit System is intended to give an immediate and easy way to highlight those property with the most complete and sound merit in relation to architecture, energy and sustainability, environment and landscape. Those with oustanding overall distinctivness will be pointed out with the III Collumns Merit.

Atlante Italiano merit system and data analysis is meant to be a partial yet specific and introductory valuation of any architectural residential property in Italy together with a way to select and have clearly and first hand understanding of any property value and potential.


compasso icona Architectural Merit

A property with the Architecture Mention is an above average architectural example. It has a distinguishing architectonic appeal and national recogniction. A property in this category has outstanding and unique architectonic features, it is widely recognised and has received architectural award or published mentions. Some of it’s specific feature give the property a special appeal.


sole iconaEnergy & Sustainability Merit

A property with this merit has been designed and built with special attention to energy and sustainability. It has reached outstanding energetic standards. It has used sustainable resources and achived top of the line standards.


terra iconaEnvironment & Landscape Merit

A property with this merit has designed with specific attention to the envirnoment, it is protetcted by the Italian official listing, it is inserted organically in the environment, and has been carefully designed with an overall attention to local landscaping.




 Landmark property

A property at this level can be considered a classic and among the finest of it’s category.  A typical IIII colums property represents an extraordinary examples with all the attributes expected by a premium category. It has a major historical and heritage value, or it is a relevant modern or contemporary example with significance for the future. Is is designed by renowned professional, it has a high reputation, a world wide appeal , it has cutting edge style and it is relevant it’s genre.  A property in this category is an exceptional property with premium features and distinctive qualifications.