We search, scout and select only properties that are expression of Italian architecture, landscape and local heritage. We are interested in mapping and cataloguing any property that fullfill these requirements all over Italy. All data are collected through direct data gathering, contribution of the owner, architect and/or by governmental public data and official information.

The information will take into account several indicators each of them having a different weight and importance. The Atlante Italiano Merit System will determine an above average status in the related category.  The Merit System can be updated with other new indicators that might be considered significant for a further and better classification.

The Merit is related to all of the following areas which give a more specific and detailed understanding of the property:

Property Features 

All the information in this area are usefull to have a broad and practical overview of the property. General information include the description, property type, location, status, total square meter and internal rooms  availability. Other indicator will be the period when it was build or restored.


A key feature is the author (architect) and it’s reputation. We identify the architect and any architectural award or official recogniction obtained. Other indicators will be the citation biblography that he/she has in major architectural publications. Other indicator will be any special historical features that identify the historical importance of the property such as the insertion in the Italian official list of historical building (Sovraintendenza della Belle Arti) or the presence of important feature such as original fresco or finishing.


An ever important paramether is the sustainability and how it has been included in the project. It indicates the spirit and attention given to green thinking or the ecological value intrinsic in the property. Important indicator such as energy certification and classification will be taken into account.


The way the property is related and integrated to the local environment will be considered by the presence of the Landscape Analysis (Analisi Paesaggistica) and the quality of the area in terms of flooding and landslides which give an indicator of the quality and consistency of the safeguard of the environment by local public administration and authorities.


The way the property is inserted in the general landscape, the presence of restriction and regulations by local and national heritage authorities (such as Sovranintendenza delle Belle arti), and general indicators such as view and orientation are considered as valuable indicator for the overall quality of the property.


We have choosed different paramethers considered to be sensible and usefull to give a usefull prospectus of the property. We have determined an algorithm that will select all property with above average rating in each macro-category. The Merit System is intended to help the user to easily view those property that having a wide range of excellences can be considered top of the line in each field analysed.

Data Gathering

Even though we invest a great deal of effort on the accuracy of all information, regardless of source, and we consider them to be reliable at the time of publishing, we do not give any guarantee and any information should be independently verified through personal inspection and/or with the appropriate professionals. The information provided are solely for informational purposes and does not constitute an offer to sell. The owner, nor ourself is making any warranties or representations concerning any of these properties including their availability, size, technmical infomrmation or general status. For further information press here (discalimer)